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Accelerate Your Success Resource Guide


The Accelerate Your Success Resource Guide

Over the last 10 years, I have developed documents that help me in my business, and you are considering purchasing the ones I use most frequently. During the busy season, it is difficult to have to invent forms, surveys to send out to clients, and I find that it is easy to create professional-looking documents ONE TIME and then use them, as needed, every single day. Hopefully these examples will give you a jump start on creating them for your own company.

There are lots of Facebook Groups and Facebook  Forums that will provide you with creative inspiration and feedback on your artwork.  However running a face and body art business is so much more than that.  It has to do with booking, model releases, insurance, independent contractors, profitability, tracking expenses and more.  WHOA!  Don’t start getting anxious as I am here to help.

If you sometimes feel like you are on your own tiny island in a sea of business questions, decisions, forms, and don’t know a tax spreadsheet from a PDF…then this Resource Guide is for you. You can use some of the tools as is, or adapt for your own  business.

 Contents (18 pages)

Inbound Client Process

Top Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Entertainer 

Ten Interview Questions Before Hiring 

Comparing Insurance Programs for Face and Body Painters

Employee? Or Independent Contractor?

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Model Release Form

Adult Model Release Form

Customer Service at Fairs and Festivals

Price:  $21.95


Most importantly, if you have any questions I am here to help.

Thank you for your interest and may this Resource Guide help you Accelerate Your Success!



Testimonials about Diane and Her Business Coaching

Before I met Diane I was much more naive when it came to business. Within the last 5 years I am much more focused on the reality of my business, it’s successes and failures.

I can see my business in a much clearer light. I am also less emotional when making decisions.

Diane makes me feel confident in my undertakings, whether it is the administrative or creative aspect of my business. Diane makes me feel much more confident in my abilities to run my company.

If you want someone who is a natural born leader, I highly recommend Diane.

Becky McDonald, Becky McDonald Face Paint and  Glitter Tattoos, FACE Competency Certified Member #560

Before working with Diane, I was insecure with my skills and lacked confidence. Three years ago, I believed I was a good painter. Diane hired me and told me after the event that I did a great job and was happy with my work. This gave me the confidence to continue to move forward and upwards.

Diane makes me feel that I can trust her advice and opinion. She has so much information as a savvy business woman and I always feel like I get educated when we have in depth conversations.

If you want someone who has the perfect blend of high quality marketing skills/business management (due to her corporate background), and her
hand on the artistic pulse that enables great advice to creative people, choose Diane.

As an artist and a business woman myself, I have grown under the tutelage from Diane in several areas. From knowledge on what paints or brushes to use, to how to approach corporate clients, Diane has covered so much for me. I know I can ask her anything and trust I will get the information I need in order to approach the situation correctly. For all of this and more, I can recommend Diane.

Antoinette Marchfelder, Meraki Face and Body Art, FACE Competency Certified Member #566