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A child’s world is filled with imagination.  In that world, it is easy to transform oneself into a jungle animal, dinosaur, princess, fairy or superhero.  Full face painting is the perfect complement to the magical play that your child already enjoys.

Let us help bring that imagination to life at your next special event.

We paint children over the age of 2 and only if they want to be painted.  Face art is our passion and we want your child to enjoy it too, for the rest of their life.  We specialize in helping the “newbies” become comfortable with “makeup” to make them pretty or scary, or pretty scary!

Our high quality makeup is cosmetic, water-soluble theatrical makeup that washes off easily with soap and water.  It is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin, in most cases.  We take great care to not transfer germs and we do not apply makeup to rashes, broken, irritated or newly healed skin.

What about the teens?  or the adults?

There is no age limit on our entertainment.  We have artistry that is perfect for the teen who is too cool for face paint, or the mom who just wants a “little something.” Dads, grandparents, older friends will be entertained with our artwork!

We come prepared to entertain the guests and be worry-free to you.  Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we hope that you will view us as an “expert” in the background to make your event go smoothly.

In 2012, Diane received the distinguished honor of becoming the only CERTIFIED face painter in New Jersey, and also, Ohio.  She holds a certification from FACE, the international organization that tests adherence to high quality standards for the face painting industry.  Please make sure that you are hiring only a Certified face painter if you want to insure the best in safety and quality.

face-logo-2014-whiteTo read more about Certification, please click here.

To connect with FACE, the International Face Painting Association, please click here.