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Our goal is to help you create a memorable event, worthy of turning passive clients and guests into active “storytellers” on social media and beyond.  Our body art is revealed, photographed, captioned and repeatedly shared across your customers’/guests’ platforms.  If you have a corporate brand, we can turn your event into a “brand-defining, content machine.”

Realistic Tattoos by Airbrush

The newest offering added to our body art repertoire is the fabulous new “inked” look.  Get your half sleeve, full sleeve, décolletage, shoulder or back design done in waterproof inks that last 5-7 days.  A basic element is selected by each guest and then the  freehand additions of textures, smaller designs, tribal lines and fill-in graphics is added to complete a “One of a Kind” custom design.   Onlookers will be amazed at the realistic appearance of these black ink tattoos!


Temporary Tattoos

Airbrush:  Fun, water-resistant tattoos are a great adornment for any large gathering, or when water activities are part of your party fun.  They are a great addition to school, sports or corporate events where your guests maybe active outdoors.  We can create a custom stencil for your brand, occasion or team.  We spray 5-6 colors, have hundreds of designs to choose from and provide both family-friendly and realistic tattoo design choices.  We use only FDA-compliant alcohol-based inks, which are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.





Glitter:  Everyone deserves to be sparkly!  These tattoos do not go on the face, but do last 3-7 days.  This waterproof form or body jewelry is great fun for all ages.  Using a medical adhesive, we lay on a stencil for an awesome design and color it in with your choice of glitter.  We can also provide party kits and training for your guests to apply the glitter tattoos to each other, if a Bella Faccia artist is not available






Henna:  For your guests that are looking for a more long-lasting body art souvenir, consider natural, organic henna.  These designs can be applied anywhere, are all-natural, and stain the skin for 1-2 weeks. The tattoo starts as a reddish brown, then grows darker over the next 48-72 hours. Bella Faccia NEVER uses black hair dye, which contains synthetic hair dye or other types of ingredients not safe for the skin.




Freehand Tagging:  Your team, your name, your company can be placed on your arms in staff-pictures-003graffiti style.  Made popular by graffiti artists around the world, “tagging” is now offered by Bella Faccia for your teen and young adult audiences.  Great for post-proms,  Sweet Sixteens and music festivals.