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Don’t know what to do?

Kids and adults underfoot while you are getting the GRAND Holiday Meal ready?  Get them out of your hair by adding a Facepainter to the fun.  Holiday designs are so much fun and they only come around once a year.

Need to cancel due to weather?  We give you credit on your account for a future date.  That is the best policy in the state!  You see, we want to do your event (eventually), even if weather or illness prevents it from happening on the original date.


Check out the Cool Superhero Event we did at Kean University, Homecoming, 2017!

They had a Marvel-Us theme and we did a Create Your Own Superhero, in Kean colors to make everyone there feel that they had the superpower to cheer Kean’s football team onto Victory.  And the Cougars WON 56-0!

If you want to see what being at a large extremely busy event is like with Bella Faccia decorating your guests, Watch this Video!