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Early Bird Special Extended til January 24, 2018

Is this how you feel about your business?

If you were more successful, would that help?




I am extending the Early Bird Special for Accelerate Your Success, until January 24, 2018 at midnight.

Here is how I can help you:
Get more gigs of all types
Get more high-end gigs (with a higher hourly rate)
Get more weekday business
Work smarter, not harder with longer gigs for clients that adore you
Have more clients that adore you, who then refer you to others who adore you as well
Make more money from your art, your passion, the job you really love!
Perhaps, quit that daytime job, that you don’t love and actually support yourself with your art.

If you want any of these types of successful growth, keep reading. If not, I’m not hurt…but you should keep my number, and call me later, maybe.

Now I can help you one on one, but the small group coaching class is more fun, and waaaaay cheaper to get access to my expertise.

We have several students already signed up, so don’t delay!

These artists are facing similar challenges to yours:

Balancing life and work
Determining focus
Not knowing which opportunities to pursue
Not having a solid marketing background
Hate making cold calls and selling
Trouble prioritizing projects
Can’t seem to stick with anything specific to see if it works “Squirrel?”
Does this sound like your “TRIBE?” If yes… you will see that you are already halfway there, by identifying that you can’t do it all!

We will learn a successful approach that works for you, in your market, with your talents, skills and clients. Then we will create a plan to make the marketing of your business a consistent habit.

You will be working on your business, and as a result there will be homework, so don’t think that you are merely ‘duplicating’ my business. What this class is about is creating what works for you…what is your authentic voice to customers? What tasks, and marketing programs are best suited for you and how you work? All under the guidance of someone who can help you to define it: Me, as your Coach (I may even get a whistle)

Please click on the link below to learn more about the class, comments from other folks I have mentored, what it is going to cost you to participate and the dates of the webinars.

Seats are limited to maintain the small group atmosphere, so don’t delay if you are interested.

Click here to register and get more information.