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Insurance Program Comparison for Face and Body Painters

Thank you for your interest in downloading our Insurance Program Comparison for Face and Body Painters. These questions are designed to help you find the appropriate insurance policy for your needs.


Personal Liability Insurance?  What’s important?

There are many insurance policies out there to choose from, and they differ in price, coverage and how the payout pool is distributed.  Some insurance policies provide a total dollar amount of coverage to the whole group under that policy.  In other words, one very large claim for one entertainer can wipe out the funding (although this is unlikely), and the other artists in that group will have nothing left, should they decide to process a claim.   Other insurances provide a maximum of coverage per policy-holder, so it doesn’t matter what size claims were paid before yours.

The number of claims submitted vs paid is also important. Although honestly,  this is a difficult piece of information to obtain.

In summary, the questions on the downloadable resource are a guide for you to do your own comparisons across policies and companies.  For a professional entertainer, it is not a question if you should purchase liability insurance (you should),  it is question of where to obtain the RIGHT coverage.

I hope you find it useful.

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