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Interview with Blue Penguin Content Club

It is important to keep in mind your business strategy and “ideal customer” BEFORE you design anything. I was recently interviewed on theses topics by the Chief Penguin himself, Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development. The recording is about 30 minutes long and I hope you find it useful.


Top 10 Questions

These questions are designed to help you or your client choose the best entertainer for your events.


Insurance Program for Face and Body Painters Comparison

Questions to ask insurance companies as you compare personal liability insurance policies for entertainers.  It is not a question of whether to purchase insurance (you should!), but what policy specifically provides the best coverage for your service and business goals.   Written as an interview guide, this document will help you get the most information from the companies so that you can make relevant comparisons.


Independent Contractor Guidelines

The Independent Contractor Guidelines can help to focus your efforts when considering hiring additional staff to grow your business. There are penalties involved in treating employees as independent contractors, and so be sure that you operations match your designations for those assisting you in your business.


Inbound Client Process

My clients have often told us that we “are so easy to work with”. How did we get that way? Well, it comes with practice, confidence and routine in how we do things.

We follow a structured process, same for every phone call. By making the process as efficient as possible, and easy to remember (through repetition) we are very good at how we “tell the story” of booking an event with Bella Faccia and what we bring in terms of our value, if the client hires us.

This process is outlined on the downloadable resource. We find that using it helps us to create good customer service at all phases of the process: the planning, the event execution, and the follow-up.


Entertainer Interview Worksheet

You can use this form to keep track of your phone calls and contacts, and find the right entertainment for your party. We are well aware that in this age of information overload, you may make many calls, and have many similar conversations. It will be difficult to remember who said what, and who quoted which price for which services, unless you take excellent notes, as guided by this worksheet. The more calls you make, the harder it will be to keep the conversations straight.  Copy the blank form and use it to keep track of  the information. You can jot your general impressions on the back.


Sample Adult Model Release

In the electronic world in which we live, people may be especially sensitive about having their photos used without their knowledge. We insure that every guest or model that we photograph has provided us with the permission to use it in our advertising. This includes training manuals, menu boards, Facebook pages, Instagram, our web site and newsletters.

A person’s image is their property unless they have given you permission to use it for your own marketing purposes.

Be sure to download our “Sample Child Model Release” as well, as this form need to be signed by their parent or guardian.


Sample Child Model Release

In the electronic world in which we live, parents and guardians may be especially sensitive about having their children’s photos taken or used in advertising (especially on the web).

If we take a photo of a child that we have painted, we insure that their parent or guardian has provided us with the permission to use it in our advertising. This includes training manuals, menu boards, Facebook pages, Instagram, our web site and newsletters. Use this form to get the permissions you need to use any photo you take.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

This is the customer satisfaction survey which I have used for 7 years. I now have hundreds of valid opinions that pointed out areas of improvement, or areas in which we are “perfect” in our clients’ eyes. I hope it helps you to become the best that you can be…and never stop trying to be better.

Adapt this form to your own company, mail it out with your ‘thank you’ letters, and include a self-addressed STAMPED envelope, and you will get a good return response.


Sample Expense Worksheet

This spreadsheet should simplify the recording of expenses, by date, by vendor, and by expense category.

You will need to provide it to an accountant, or upload it to a tax prep software to create a complete Schedule C for your company at the end of the tax year.


Customer Service and Signage for Fairs and Festivals

This information is helpful if you do “Pay for Face” (PPF) events, that is, events where you set up a booth and charge the public for your artwork.

This resource does not help you to make determine whether this is a viable business strategy for your company, as there are many questions that need to be researched before you seek your income in this manner (as opposed to being a paid entertainer at a party or event).

But the documents and signage contained within the resource will help you to establish and communicate “booth policies” for your event, if you are performing in a PPF environment.