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Do you help your customers LIKE you?

Last month my husband, Joe, asked me if I wanted to “get a bite” at the Italian restaurant around the corner. It is a ‘townie’ place, been there for years, has traditional Italian fare, including great garlic bread, wonderful pasta, and waitresses in their 40’s and 50’s who call everyone “honey.” There is also a… Continue reading

Moving Fire Hydrants, Teenage Drivers and a March Storm!

Here’s the story: on March 31, 2015, NJ got its last major storm, 5 inches of wet snow on top of icy roads, which means all bad news for drivers.  It was a dark evening and my teenage daughter decided to drive herself home from a friend’s house. Only 6 months of driving experience, and… Continue reading

Insurance Assurance or “Why? I haven’t put out an eye yet!”

Walt Disney once said: “Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort” TOGETHER we can shape the future of this industry. This newsletter is designed to help you fill your calendar with gigs, help you identify if it is ‘right’ to quit that day job, and grow as a… Continue reading