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Are you the IDEAL client you want to have?

Several years ago I took a one year “breakthrough” class from a Marketing Guru, named Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin Development.    I learned a lot about myself, my clients, what they thought of my company, and what type of business I wanted to have for the future.  A big piece of this was defining who… Continue reading

Please Insert Exact Change and Push Button For Your Selection

Don’t turn your entertainers into robotic vending machines…personal interactions make for better memories. My dad lives in a retirement community called Independence Village. It is a very social place with structured games, entertainment, themed mealtimes and field trips to keep residents out of their apartments and active. In December, I participated as a vendor at… Continue reading

Stay Between the CONES, or don’t….

Over the Holidays, I went to see the film, “Daddy’s Home” with my daughter Theresa. It’s not supposed to be great, but I did read a couple of decent reviews and I/we love Mark Wahlberg; his accent reminds me of the time I spent in New England, and an afternoon spent laughing at shirtless “eye… Continue reading

The Unexpected Virtue of Certification OR, “why you shouldn’t get your hair color done by a street vendor.”

Why are hair stylists and beauticians required to be licensed?  The average person looking for a haircut or color needs to know that the person working on them has passed the minimum standards for safety and hygiene.  One can expect:  that you are not going to pick up a “bug” from a previous customer; that… Continue reading

Insurance, Independent Contractors and Certifications:  what you need to know when hiring an entertainer…i.e. you get what you pay for!!!

Insurance Any entertainer, big or small, should have a personal liability insurance policy to protect themselves.  If you are using a rented venue for your event, then you may need an “additional insured” certificate, with the venue’s name and address as well. This liability policy is not for serious accidents during the course of the artists… Continue reading