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10 Habits of Unprofitable Face Painters

Discount to get business and you will always be known as the “negotiator” or the low cost entertainer. You will have to work longer and harder to make a reasonable wage, and you will never feel as if you are valued by your customers. Focus on the time-one hour, two hours, minutes of travel, etc.-… Continue reading

Up Up and Away: Balloon Safety

A few years, I was asked to showcase my company at a local zoo for a regional meeting of event planners. I was to provide a sample of all of the services we offered, especially the body painting. Two models were to be painted up to match the new carousel, which had an attractive special… Continue reading

Four ways to Reduce Friction and Book More Gigs (or… Who is this Manager Sal?)

Manager Sal helps you keep your customer experience as frictionless as possible. Why Manager Sal? Because, you want your clients to have an easy breezy system to say “Yes” to hiring you. You say you are not a salesperson. You say you don’t know how to “close,” that is, ask for the business, and get… Continue reading

A Nude Awakening: Body Painting for Special Events

Today a friend on Facebook sent me an article about the Naked Bike Race in Philly, or was it San Francisco, or St Louis? I forget, I’ve seen them all! For 15 years I received every clip from every naked bike race that appears on the Internet. Why?  I am a face and body painter,… Continue reading

A Child’s Right To Privacy in a Visual Marketplace

When I was much younger, a member of my family was a victim of a violent crime. For years, I requested that no photos be taken of her in school or at extracurricular activities, so that the perpetrator would be unfamiliar with her appearance as she grew up. The class/rec room in my basement was… Continue reading