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My husband is a successful dentist, Yet he is a terrible bookkeeper.

Every year at tax time, he needs to transfer all of his records into Quickbooks, instead of doing it throughout the year. Why? I don’t know, maybe he expects January to be slow. Maybe he thinks we will win the lottery and be able to pay someone to do his books this year. Or perhaps… Continue reading

Are you the IDEAL client you want to have?

Several years ago I took a one year “breakthrough” class from a Marketing Guru, named Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin Development.    I learned a lot about myself, my clients, what they thought of my company, and what type of business I wanted to have for the future.  A big piece of this was defining who… Continue reading

Dan IS the Man…or is he? What I learned from contractor about showing you WANT the work

Is your business slow? Do you find that you are having trouble moving your business forward after the rush of the Holiday Season? The weather outside is frightful, but even so, are you are starting to get a little freaked out about the lack of gigs, lack of inquiries? Perhaps you are giving the mistaken… Continue reading

How to Avoid Anaphylaxis through Great Customer Service

The Happiest Customer Service on Earth My daughter Theresa has an anaphylactic peanut allergy. Is it super bad, like the kids who can’t eat in the same cafeteria because of the aroma emanating from someone’s PB and J sandwich? NO. Odors, or even touching a peanut in the shell, do not bother her. But she… Continue reading

Please Insert Exact Change and Push Button For Your Selection

Don’t turn your entertainers into robotic vending machines…personal interactions make for better memories. My dad lives in a retirement community called Independence Village. It is a very social place with structured games, entertainment, themed mealtimes and field trips to keep residents out of their apartments and active. In December, I participated as a vendor at… Continue reading