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Newsletter Archive - Bella Faccia Painting

Twelve Tips for a Safer Holiday Gathering

Be careful with holiday decorations. Choose only those that are flame retardant, or flame resistant. Some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use, but not both. Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or lost bulb connections. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for the maximum number of light strands to connect. Do… Continue reading

Build It And They Will Come

My kids are constantly sending me cute puppy photos; on facebook, by text, by email. Yes, they think that by showing me a cute puppy photo or video, that they will have me convinced that getting a little tiny bundle of joy is a GREAT idea. My response to them is always the same: No.… Continue reading

Identifying Your Ideal Client

When I first left my corporate job, I sold Pampered Chef for several years. You see, I had told My Pampered Chef consultant, while she constantly complimented me about my corporate sales and marketing capabilities (sucking UP for sure), that it was just not the right time, and my employer wouldn’t like me having a… Continue reading

Ten Tips for a Truly Magical Trip

Scheduling: Do not travel over any holiday periods if you can avoid it. If your kids are little pull them out of school and work out assignments with their teachers. I made my kids create flip shows of postcards or photos, and/or keep a journal about the “Best Part of Their Day” so they had… Continue reading

Lines I Do Not Cross or Rules of Engagement

My friend Kathleen and I love to play board games…and always have. My childhood was spent with family dinners followed by long hours of playing Monopoly, and RISK. Then came Clue, Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary. My family now plays Taboo and Scattergories, and my cousins are huge fans of Left, Right, Center…for MONEY! So when… Continue reading