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A few years, I was asked to showcase my company at a local zoo for a regional meeting of event planners. I was to provide a sample of all of the services we offered, especially the body painting. Two models were to be painted up to match the new carousel, which had an attractive special event space attached. In addition to the models, who were there for photo ops, the planners wanted balloon twisting, caricatures and glitter tattoos. The zoo provided snacks and tours, as well as a presentation about their venue, so that the event planners could suggest it to their clients. Cross-marketing is what it’s called, and it was a great idea; for the zoo, for the event planners and for my artists.

But at the inception of the event, the balloon twister was turned away at the entrance gate. He had donated his time, dressed for the gig, and shown up early to get prospective work from the party planners. But, the zoo had strict a strict policy: No Balloons… not even when the zoo was closed to the public! Why?

Balloons eventually deflate and/or pop, presenting a choking hazard to animals. Most zoos in the US have a NO-Balloon Policy, certainly in any outdoor venue, or where sculpted balloons can be dropped or released.

Exceptions to this might be an “indoor” special event, where balloon centerpieces are weighted to the tables as a display. Please ask your specific venue to make sure your decor and entertainment is permitted.

They are pretty, and they make a party look extra festive! What is more pleasing to a child than seeing balloons around a room? But please be smart about your event, and follow the guidelines below.

Reprinted with permission from BallooNews, July 2017. copyright Balloon Crew Inc.

Enhance the enjoyment of your balloons by following these safety tips:

  • ALWAYS keep your balloons secured to their weight.
  • NEVER release foil balloons into the air! (Foil balloons do not biodegrade like latex and could cause huge power outages if they get caught in power lines.)
  • Supervise young children’s play with balloons and always keep deflated or popped balloons away from children.
  • When you’re finished with balloons, deflate them, and dispose of them properly. Your balloon entertainers should dispose of all their scraps!

Keep yourself, your family and the environment safe by following these simple rules.

Thanks and Have a GREAT Summer!!

Elmo riding a motorcycle. Say What?

Keeping balloons away from toddlers and infants, is not difficult, with some creative planning.

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