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Several years ago I took a one year “breakthrough” class from a Marketing Guru, named Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin Development.    I learned a lot about myself, my clients, what they thought of my company, and what type of business I wanted to have for the future.  A big piece of this was defining who I wanted to work with; who I enjoyed working with; who was MY IDEAL CLient.   From there, I defined my brand and put a relationship marketing program into place.  These newsletters grew out of those efforts.

Since you are one of my IDEAL Clients, or might be in the future, I have no issues with sharing the list of attributes that you have.

The attributes of my IDEAL CLient are listed to here:

discriminating, choosy
wants best in quality and relationship
understands value, with willingness to pay for it
higher educated
likes synergistic relationship (partnering creates added value for them)
attention to detail, but not anal


Isn’t it funny that these traits describe me?  Yes, adherence to standards, critical, detail-oriented, planner and constant communicator, ME!  Constantly looking to raise the bar in others as well as for myself.

My ideal client is discriminating, to the point of being choosy.  They do not consider entertainers to be commodities; but rather,  each has their own qualities of showmanship, artistry, skills, services offered, and bells and whistles added for maximum value.  They may or may not have hired entertainment in the past, but they are willing to do some research to make sure that they find the skills, personality and appearance, for the event and the guests that they are hosting.

This client looks at quality of service and quality of relationship, and they want the best.  The two factors are judged separately, but are intertwined.

My ideal client understands value and is willing to pay for it. In other words, they will not sacrifice important qualities in order to save a buck or two.  They would prefer that each guest receives equal attention and sacrificing quality or service to save on a hourly rate would never enter their mind.

The peace of mind they enjoy with a more valuable hire, provides benefits that might not be measurable.  Less pre-event anxiety, less during-event stress, and less post-event concerns for safety of venue and belongings is what they count on, and they seek out a professional performer that can offer that peace of mind.

This client tends to have a higher education, and hosts a lot of events, with specific goals and themes.  They are professional, and have budgets that support quality entertainment.

They understand a synergistic relationship, and want to create added value by partnering with the right support staff for their events.  They know that the result is bound to be more dramatic and measurably better than doing it alone, since they know that different players bring different skill sets, creative ideas, experiences and resources.  They trust that all the members of the team will work together to create a better whole, and in the end, all the players will feel pride in a job well done, without regard to the size of an individual contribution.

But, to get the team working in concert, the client is communicative, detail-oriented and a planner.  They know that ‘rushing’ from concept to event is going to create problems, that could result in a lack of entertainment, unavailable venues, or  disorganization that will affect the flow of the event.

They could be high-control individuals, but they are not anal…every step in the process has a reason behind the structure, and the milestones that are reached in the planning stages are well thought out and executed in an orderly fashion.

Lastly, my ideal client is trusting.  They are aware that they cannot possibly know everything, and know that they have put a skilled professional in place that can provide expertise in their area of knowledge.

Following a successful event, they are loyal, providing testimonials and referrals because they believe that others should be able to achieve similar success.  They continually return to that professional in the future because they enjoy working together and know that a good outcome will be shared as a result.

I am blessed to have many, many of these clients. And, I hope that for them, I reflect back those traits that make our work together joyful and productive.

Wishing you many IDEAL moments in your 2017 events!

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