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Accelerate Your Success, the Class

a six month, small group, business booster class for face and body artists

Do you want to grow your business as a face and body painter, be more successful?  Success comes in different ways, so let’s talk about how I can help.

I can help you:


Get more gigs of all types
Get more high-end gigs (with a higher hourly rate)
Get more weekday business
Work smarter, not harder with longer gigs for clients that adore you
Have more clients that adore you, who then refer you to others who adore you as well
Make more money from your art, your passion, the job you really love!
Perhaps, quit that daytime job, that you don’t love and actually support yourself with your art.

Why a small group?  Because it is less costly and more FUN! You will be in a group of like-minded artists who want to do what you want to do–be more successful.

They are facing similar challenges to yours:

Balancing life and work
Not knowing which opportunities to pursue
Not having a solid marketing background
Hate making cold calls and selling
Trouble prioritizing projects
Can’t seem to stick with anything specific to see if it works. “Squirrel?”

Does this sound like a group you are a member of? If you are nodding, you will see that you are already halfway there, by identifying that you can’t do it all!  Do you need help?  Yes you do!

So who do I think I am, to be able to help you?


Well, for one, I have a Master’s in Business Administration (aka spent a lot of money to learn about how business and marketing happens), specializing in strategic planning. After that 16 years in America’s Most Admired Corporation, in corporate sales/marketing and business development. Then I started face painting and learned quickly that I wanted to be a party entertainer, and make people happy with my enthusiastic personality and my art. (Plus I really liked parties!)

Sixteen years later, I have grown a successful artistic entertainment company in New Jersey; started a new business in a new location; launched the careers of a dozen or more artists; put 3-4 others on a “teaching track;” founded the largest face and body guild in the country, and became the North American Representative of FACE (the International Face and Body Painting Association).  Currently I am on my 248 consecutive day of painting in the worldwide Inspiration to Paint group, and I am the sponsor for the January 2018 monthly challenge.

But most importantly: I made LOTS of mistakes, I changed strategies and made more mistakes. You shouldn’t have to repeat my mistakes as you grow your own business.

I took this class several years ago, and doubled my business. Together we will learn a successful approach that works for you, in your market, with your talents, skills and clients.

Here’s what’s involved:


  • 6 month business booster class (January 31-June 28, 2018)
  • Small group coaching, webinars every other week max 10 pp
  • First, a “class,” I do most of the talking
  • Secondly, monthly “office hours” all participate
  • Two 30 minute private phone conversations with me
  • Additional resources and gifts for business development
  • Supportive learning environment with like-minded artists

Together, LEARN a successful approach to building and marketing your business that’s both comfortable and effective for YOU!

You will be working on your business, and as a result there will be homework, so don’t think that you are merely ‘duplicating’ my business. What this class is about, is creating what works for you…what is your authentic voice to customers? What tasks, and marketing programs are best suited for you and how you work? All under the guidance of someone who can help you:  Me, as your Coach (I may even get a whistle)

Who would benefit from Accelerate Your Success? If YOU:


want more ideal clients
want to grow your business
want to make more money
want to be known as a leading expert
want to be clear in your marketing approach
are committed to being successful, but might need a coach to steer you in the right direction

Here’s what others have said about my coaching in their business:

“I recommend Diane to every entertainment professional I know, whether they are friends, family or colleagues (If you are serious about growing your business and taking it to the next level she is the ONE).


She not only advised me on what I needed to have to register my business in New Jersey but also walked me through it. I would not have started Paint 2 Smile with out her guidance, help and support. She is not only a great mentor but a great friend. She will guide you into the direction that best suits you to help your business go to the next level. I truly can’t thank her enough.”

Laura M Hoyos, Owner and main artist, Paint2Smile

“Diane has the perfect blend of high quality marketing skills/business management, due to her corporate background, and her hand on the artistic pulse that gives her an upper hand working with creative people. As an artist and a business woman myself, I have grown under the tutelage from Diane in several areas: from knowledge on what paints or brushes to use, to how to approach corporate clients. Diane has covered so much for me. I know I can ask her anything and trust I will get the information I need in order to approach the situation correctly. For all of this and more, I can recommend Diane.”

Antoinette Marchfelder, Meraki Face and Body Art, FACE Competency Certified Member #566

“Before I met Diane I was much more naive when it came to business. Within the last 5 years I am much more focused on the reality of my business, it’s successes and failures, I can see my business in a much clearer light. I am also less emotional when making decisions.

Diane makes me feel confident in my undertakings, whether it is the administrative or creative aspect of my business. She makes me feel much more confident in my abilities to run my company. If you want someone who is a natural born leader, I highly recommend Diane.


Becky McDonald, Becky McDonald Face Paint and  Glitter Tattoos, FACE Competency Certified Member #560

Still interested? Good!


Let’s look at who would NOT benefit from Accelerate Your Success?

  • You believe that if you were just a better artist, you would be more successful
  • You are doing this as a hobby and it brings in the extra money that you need, and that is fine for right now
  • You don’t have time for any extra “business” learnings, since there are YOUTUBE face painting tutorials that you haven’t watched yet, and FABATV is calling your name
  • You hate homework and won’t do it, no matter what
  • “One-on-one” is the type of coaching that you REALLY want (then call me now, and we will work out a package just for you and me together!)

Again, my feelings are not hurt if you don’t sign up, since the class is comprised of LIKE-MINDED students who have the desire, the enthusiasm, and put in the time.


What’s it cost? Not nearly as much as the value you are going to get from it.

Full Cost: $500.00 if you pay in full

Early Bird Special $449.00 (a savings of 25%) if you purchase before MIDNIGHT January 24, 2018…then the price goes up!



Don’t have that money in your budget? Not to worry, we have a monthly installment plan.

$99 a month, billed to your credit card January through June (six monthly payments)


Below are the modules that will be included:

1. Focus on leveraging existing relationships

  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Seeking customer satisfaction

2. Clarify your positioning, simplify your message

  • One sentence, one paragraph, 2 client-benefit stories, one bio, one profile for social media, 5 beliefs about your work
  • Building a web site, or updating the one you have

3. Developing a relationship marketing plan

  • What do you like to do
  • What do you have time to do
  • What do you want to learn to do better

4. Establish yourself as a leading expert

  • Create topics you can speak, write or teach about
  • Where to present this expertise—promotion

5. Develop profitable packages for your services, and simple pricing

6. Being found on line

  • Testimonials, rankings and recommendations
  • Social media simplified
  • Revisit customer satisfaction

Dates of the Class Webinars. 1 p.m. EST Wednesdays*

January 31, 2018

February 14, 2018

February 28, 2018

March 14, 2018

March 28, 2018

April 11, 2018

April 25, 2018

May 9, 2018

May 23, 2018

June 6, 2018

June 20, 2018


* Timing of class is somewhat dependent on the participants and their location.  If no one can participate during the day…then evening calls will be scheduled instead.

Still not sure if this program is for you? Then call me at 973-722-6122, (my cell) during business hours (EST) and I will be happy to listen to what you’re thinking and what questions you may have.